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McQ — 4:00
An attempt to capture my (usually hidden) struggle with anxiety. The world can be scary. See also Windrift for its eventual resolution.
McQ — 1:00
Just a quick test of my gear after (once again) completely re-arranging it.
McQ — 2:31
I was listening to Gary Newman and was struck by how he could be edgy and dream-like at the same time. This was my attempt to follow suit.
McQ — 3:15
A double entendre between electical shorts and missing cables. All analog.
McQ — 3:22
I went a little crazy attempting to recreate the wonderful sound of Strange Cargo. Nowhere near as precise as they are (nor as good).
McQ — 1:20
The first thing I did with the Pittsburgh Modular (all sounds except the drums).
McQ — 3:50
Another partially successful attempt — hence the "too" — at sounding like Nine Inch Nails.
McQ — 2:16
A smoke filled room, some guitars, and a drop of base.
McQ — 1:32
Ah, yes. Moogs and that Tangerine Dream sound...
McQ — 2:20
This entire song was done in one take, so all the sounds you hear and all the changes between sounds were done live by just me.
McQ — 5:40
The tension has been resolved, and the world is a happy place. Uses two cello voices, one synthetic and one electric.
Bach — 3:50
Special bonus track: (Almost) entirely one voice from the Moog, playing the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite #1.